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On-line Philosophical Archives library


July 20, 2002

Founder's Words: Our new age of global dialogue calls for creating a philosophical arena where a variety of different ideas and proposals can meet each other on the basis of a free, persuasive principle of civilization. This principle of civilization has three basic categories in reference to the emerging new world of today which is in the process of becoming creatively transformed and synthecized day after day: namely, Peace, Dialogue, and Earth.

I, henceforth, name our arena PDE Inter-University On-line Philosophical Archives. I heartily welcome any valuable contribution to the Archives-in the form of a philosophical paper on the theme of Peace and Dialogue on Earth.

The general theme of The X. IPO is a ramification of this theme. Let me put it here again: Toward a Just and Dialogical Human Community: An Exploration of Sustainability, Civility, and Mutual Learning.

PDE Inter-University On-line Philosophical Archives is located in Dr. Tokiyuki Nobuhara's Office at Keiwa College; and is an academic arena for PDE Inter-University Center. As such, it aspires to serve humanity and the advancement of its wisdom, philosophy, in cooperation with the IPO and other philosophical and educational movements in the present-day world.   

E-mail: Tokiyuki Nobuhara<tnbhara@cocoa.ocn.ne.jp>
Website: http://www.keiwa-c.ac.jp

With best regards,


Tokiyuki Nobuhara
Ph.D. & D.Min.
PDE Inter-University Center
Keiwa College

On-line Philosophical Archives library  
 Buddhist-Christian Apologetics in Seven Stages*
(Bulletin of Keiwa College, No. 14, February 28, 2005)
 A “Buddhistic” Reinterpretation
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 "SEVEN STAGES OF DEEP-DIALOGUE" Global Dialogue Institute
 "Between Whitehead and Nishida-tetsugaku "
-Tokiyuki Nobuhara [ Keiwa College ]-
- John B. Cobb, Jr -
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