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Japanese Culture and Language Program at Keiwa College



Keiwa College hosts foreign students every summer for an intensive two-week program that we call the Japanese Culture and Language Program (JCLP). Besides Japanese language lessons, participants have numerous opportunities to interact with Japanese students and local people through a wide range of cross-cultural activities. Participants will enjoy a well-rounded cultural experience in a remote part of Japan that most tourists never get to see. If you compare the JCLP to other programs of this type, you will recognize that the JCLP offers a special experience.


2016 Program Information

Date: June 6 – June 18, 2016 (13 days)
Place: Keiwa College (Shibata-city, Niigata-prefecture, Japan)
Number of Students: Minimum of 8, Maximum of 15
 1) A non-Japanese person who is strongly interested in Japanese culture and language.
 2) Aged 18 or older, preferably a student. If not, please consult with us.
 3) No serious physical or mental health problems that may interfere with participating in the program.
 4) All levels of Japanese ability are accepted. It is desirable that you have a good command of English.
 5) Any experience living abroad or in Japan is accepted.
 6) Students of all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds are warmly welcomed.
Cost: 100,000 yen (includes room, tuition, field trips, texts, and other materials)
To Apply: Click on the link below to download a printable form. Type or print clearly your answer to each question in the form in English or in Japanese. Then email, fax, or post it to Keiwa College.
Submission Deadline: April 18, 2016
Notification of Admission: It will be sent by email to you by April 20, 2016

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Our Program in a Nutshell

1. Japanese culture and language classes, as well as field trips with bilingual speakers of Japanese and English. It is not necessary to be fluent in Japanese to get the most out of the entire program.
2. A location in a part of Japan with clean air and pleasant, safe surroundings that away from the tourist track. Rural Niigata retains the traditional charm that has been lost in Japan’s major urban areas.
3. Active involvement in college campus life (clubs, sports, after-class activities, or “hanging out”) at a small, friendly Japanese university. The program is designed to bring JCLP students into contact with Keiwa College students.
4. Housing in student apartments: Located within 5 minutes’ walk from Keiwa College. One room is usually shared by two participants.
5. Low number of participants (maximum 15). All of the JCLP students get to know each other and enjoy activities as a group.
6. Weekend homestay with a Japanese family. There is no better way to deepen the experience of living in Japan.
7. Professional staff: Study with a trained Japanese language teacher and enjoy presentations made by college professors and others with expertise in their fields.
8. Reasonable fees (please compare). The total cost of 100,000 yen comes to a little more than 7,500 yen a day, including room, tuition, housing, field trips, meals during field trips, texts, and other materials.

Contact us

Keiwa College
1270 Tomizuka Shibata City
Niigata Pref. 957-8585

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