Keiwa College

Keiwa College

Educational Philosophy

The mission of Keiwa College is to provide a distinctively Christian liberal arts education for undergraduates. Keiwa strives to develop a broad and deep understanding of the human and natural worlds and to cultivate in students a broad vision as responsible citizens in this ever dynamic international world.


Academic Departments

Three Departments of Instruction:
Department of English and Communication
Department of Intercultural Studies
Department of Community and Social Welfare.

Students are encouraged to take general education subjects in their freshman and sophomore years. A few courses are given in English.

Keiwa welcomes foreign Students from all over the world, provided they have basic proficiency in Japanese. Keiwa College’s aim at academic excellence is supported by the quality of its faculty and the intelligence and friendliness of its students.



Shibata City,with its population of 101,202,is situated 17 miles northeast of Niigata City, which is the terminal station of the Joetsu Shinkansen. It is a castle town with a rich historical and cultural background. The Sea of Japan is just two miles away. Shibata City has a lovely backdrop of mountains–many of which remain snow-capped through most of the year.


Indoor Athletic Building; Audiovisual Room; Computer Room; Language Laboratory; Track and Field; Archery Court; Tennis Courts.

Student Activities

Keiwa College encourages its students to participate in a variety of volunteer work. There is a wide variety of extra curricular activities, such as the Volunteer Group, the Sign Language Group, The Tea Ceremony Club, the Ceramic Arts Club, the Brass Band, the Light Music Group, Shorinj Kenpo (martial arts), Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Archery, Tennis, Badminton, Soccer, Cheer Leading and Athletics.

Academic programs for Foreign Students

Advisor system
Japanese language program.

Services for Foreign Students

Personal/psychological counseling
Off-campus housing information
Part-time job information
Vocational guidance
Cultural exchange programs



Keiwa College

1270 Tomizuka Shibata City
Niigata Pref. 957-8585