How to Apply for the JCLP

How to Apply for the JCLP

How to Apply for the JCLP

Visa Information

1) For applicants from visa waiver countries:
Participants from many countries (US, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Taiwan) can enter Japan on a visa waiver. Please check with a Japanese embassy or consulate if you are uncertain about your status.
2) For applicants from non-visa waiver countries:
Prospective participants from non-visa waiver countries must apply early enough for the JCLP to allow time for visa processing. In order to apply for a visa, proof of payment (receipt) of all fees must be submitted.


1. Total fees: 150,000yen
1) You have to pay 150,000 yen by April 5, 2019. The fee is 100% refundable before May 5, 80% refundable from May 6 to May 22, 50% refundable from May 23 to May 31, and no refund is available after June 1. You should arrive on June 5. The program ends on June 19.
2) Please note that refunds will be made in Japanese yen, and converted to your currency on the day of refund. Some variation should be expected as a result of changing exchange rates. Handling fees for bank transfers will be deducted from the amount refunded.

2. The following expenses are not included in the fee:
1) air and/or other transportation to and from Niigata Airport or nearby bus and train stations is not included in the fee.
2) meals other than weekend homestay meals and meals provided during official field trips and other JCLP events.
3) travel before or after the JCLP.
4) insurance to cover health, injury, loss of baggage, etc.
5) expenses such as souvenirs, clothing, snacks, entertainment, etc.

How to Pay

You may pay by bank-to-bank transfer. Ask your bank to send the participation fee and other fees in Japanese yen to:
Keiwa College, Daishi Bank, Shibata Nishi Branch
(Branch number #324) Regular Account #1013833
Bank Address: Daishi Bank, Shibata Nishi Branch, 3-4-28 Sumiyoshi, Shibata-shi 957-0061, Japan.
SWIFT code (if necessary) DAISJPJT
Our address:
Keiwa College Japanese Culture and Language Program
1270 Tomizuka, Shibata-shi, 957-8585, Japan

Insurance Information

You will be required to provide proof of travel insurance in order to participate in the JCLP. If you do not have adequate insurance, you will be required to purchase additional coverage in Japan. Travel insurance purchased in Japan might cost you more than in your home country. Reasonably-priced insurance is often sold at many international airports.

Your travel insurance must cover the following:
1) any medical/dental expenses that might result from accident or illness (any deductibles will be at your expense, so be sure to bring adequate funds)
2) liability in the event that you should be responsible for an accident
3) coverage for emergency medical evacuation or the loss of your return ticket due to hospitalization or illness

You might also consider protection against loss arising from:
1) baggage loss or delay
2) loss of travel documents
3) extra travel and accommodation expenses incurred to replace lost travel documents. For example, if you lose your passport, you will probably have to visit your embassy in Tokyo.

Note: We do not allow driving while participating in the JCLP. If you plan to drive before or after the JCLP, be aware that you must have a valid international driver’s license to drive in Japan and have adequate auto insurance. The JCLP cannot be responsible for accidents. Host family members and students will not permit you to drive their vehicles.

Contact us

Keiwa College
1270 Tomizuka, Shibata City
Niigata Pref. 957-8585, Japan