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Field Trips

Field trips are a major part of the JCLP curriculum and are included without additional charge.
Past field trips have included tours to points of architectural significance and trips to places of cultural interest, such as historic Shibata Castle, sake breweries, and a traditional garden in our area. Visiting ancient shrines, riding a cable car to see a scenic overlook of the Japan Sea, and bathing in a Japanese onsen, or hot spring, are some activities you may experience.
You will gain a sense of belonging to our community through visiting the city office to meet the mayor, and you will visit local high school and primary schools to interact with students. Field trips are guided by friendly English and Japanese speaking Keiwa College faculty and/or students. Lunches during some official school field trips are included in the participation fees.

JCLP at Keiwa Christian College

Cultural Activities

A unique part of the Japanese Culture and Language Program is the series of activities teaching Japanese culture. Conducted both by Keiwa faculty and other experts, these activities cover a wide range of topics and provide an opportunity for JCLP participants to get a deeper insight into Japanese culture and way of life.
These interactive activities include many of the following: flower arrangement (ikebana), Japanese drumming (taiko), calligraphy (shodo), martial arts (kendo, etc.), cooking, and the tea ceremony (sado).
Many of those are “hands on” activities, giving JCLP participants the chance to experientially learn Japanese arts. For participants whose Japanese-language skills are not up to the level of the presentations, some English support is also available. Since most of the presentations include interactive activities, even students with low-level Japanese skills will enjoy them.


Culture and Language Study

We offer an average of 8-10 hours of formal instruction in Japanese culture and language per week, plus many opportunities for casual communication with native speakers of Japanese.
Some of the Keiwa College professors can teach a variety of classes in English and Japanese. The topics they teach include Japanese culture, history, politics, area studies, communication, and social welfare.
The Japanese language teaching program is planned and conducted by a professional Japanese-language teacher with the help of Keiwa College students to help provide individualized instruction. Our Japanese students will help you when you study. You will have authentic face-to-face communication with Japanese native speakers.

・The above information is based on the JCLP 2014.

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