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Studies at Keiwa College

Faculty of Humanities

Field of Studies

New Testament Studies

Department of English and Communication

Communication involves listening to the ideas, experiences, expectations, and sentiments of others. Once we understand, we express our own thoughts and feelings. Communication is an interactive and creative activity. In the Department of English and Communication, you can develop your communication skills by studying English as an international language, by studying in English other areas of the world, and by studying about culture, history, and society.

Field of Studies

American Social HistoryTEFL/TESLEnglish LiteratureApplied Linguistics / Language Teaching and LearningPsychologyLiterature and Culture in North AmericaEnglish LinguisticsPhilosophy of Human Becoming

Department of Intercultural Studies

When people gather, a society is created. When societies gather and interact, the result is international society. In this modern era of expanding globalization, we should understand other cultures and the interactions between our own region and international society. In the Department of Intercultural Studies, you will study various cultures and understand the circular relationships between regions and international society. Students in the Department of Intercultural Studies become educated, internationally-minded world citizens with a global perspective.

Field of Studies

International PoliticsEnvironmental EconomicsStudy of HistoryInformation Media StudiesStudy of German LiteratureModern German Military HistoryInternational LawAsian modern history, Minority StudiesAnimation IndustryCultural AnthropologyIntroduction to Christianity

Department of Community and Social Welfare

It is natural that all people, including the children, the elderly, the disabled and the able-bodied, cooperatively live in the same area. In the days ahead, it is necessary that we respect the individuality of each person and that we build a society in which children, elderly and disabled individuals are not segregated. By studying social welfare in the Department of Community and Social Welfare, you can obtain the moral principles, knowledge, and skills that are all necessary for building the ideal society in which all of us can live together.

Field of Studies

Thoughts on WelfareSocial WelfareNon-profit organization, Community DevelopmentSocial EntrepreneurshipChristian view of Death and Life Studies / Social welfare studiesVolunteer Coordination